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My husband Kyle and I are so excited to have combined our skills and launched this subscription service in April 2020; a little lockdown project that has grown and grown to over 60+ premium classes, tips & tricks and tutorials for all levels.

We're continuing to keep this platform fresh for everyone signing up and for ourselves by filming in stunning locations, pursuing our passion for exploring new places and spaces... let's face it, we've all seen a bit too much of our sitting room walls the last few years.

We hope you join us on this adventure!

Once you sign up, you can enjoy unlimited Pilates anywhere, anytime. Our extensive channel is available across all devices.

Fresh content added every month, if you have any suggestions of classes you would like to see... please let us know!

Our aim for this service is to reach and help as many individuals and households as possible. Plans start from £4.99 per month and per household for all the family. More info on the full signup page.

How to get started:

1.Visit the signup page and register to this websiteconfirm email address and return to pricing/plans page.

2. Choose a voluntery price point and submit payment info.

3. Visit HBO members area for video content.

4. Enjoy the service, spread the news and see you on the mat...


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Wednesdays 10.30-11.30

Pilates mixed ability



I can provide online private individual, duet and small group Pilates sessions. 

I tailor each session to suit the individual's needs. 

My hours are flexible to fit around you and classes can be any length.

Private class prices are available upon request.
If you have any questions please contact me here.


About Hannah

Hannah Stevenson (nee Brown) is a Pilates teacher based in Sevenoaks. 


"In my opinion Pilates is the healthiest form of exercise;  all areas of the body are targeted to provide balance through the system."


She has a background in dance, training at the music and dance conservatoire, TrinityLaban from 2006-2009 where she received her BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre.


Hannah then went on to qualify as a fully Comprehensive Pilates teacher with the Pilates Foundation in 2011. She covered in depth training in both mat and machine based work over an 18 month full time course.

Hannah enjoys working with people of all abilities and ages. She has experience of working with pre/post natal women, kids/teens, all back pain related disorders, osteoporosis, neurological conditions, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis… to name a few.

“Whilst I honour the original repertoire and principles of Joseph Pilates, I also bring current knowledge research and elements of other movement disciplines to my teaching to offer a more evolved approach for health and wellbeing in body and mind.”


Hannah is also heavily influenced by other movement practices such as Yoga. She is forever deepening and developing her teaching with ongoing training courses.



"Hannah is simply an amazing teacher, not only is she technically brilliant but she also has such a lovely, soothing way about her. A Pilates class with Hannah is always a positive experience. Her knowledge of how the body can and cannot work is unsurpassed. She is deeply engaged in the sessions and is a master at guiding you through the various exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly. I always feel I have had a good work out after each session and have grown a couple of inches (I wish !). The time passes very quickly in the sessions and they are a joy to experience"

Fiona Brady, executive coach

"I can't over emphasise how good Hannah is-every lesson is thought through and the attention to detail is amazing, minor adjustments to each exercise to achieve maximum effect. The fact that she is always cheerful and friendly is an added bonus. I would be happy to recommend her to any potential client." 

Mike Styles, retired


"I’ve been going to Hannah’s classes for 18 months. I am 73, and though people say I seem young for my age, I have a number of body issues that make exercise uncomfortable - quite extensive arthritis, slipped discs, sciatica, painful toes; and when I started in her class I’d recently had a hip replaced. With her help I have gradually extended what I can do, and feel positive in having strategies for keeping it that way.  I go to her classes twice a week and think of them as a lifeline - the only reason I ever miss one is if I’m out of town." 

Marion Molteno, writer

"Hannah has a lovely cheerful and calm manner!  I love how Hannah talks me through the exercises reminding me of the parts in my body that should relax and the ones that should work.  Hannah is always looking for new exercises to challenge me and to help me with my body's needs.  Wonderful teacher and I would recommend Hannah to everybody!" Dorothea Tilroe, ex dancer and Pilates teacher trainee


"I have been doing Yoga and Pilates for years but only recently started attending Hannah classes. She is without a doubt one of the best instructors I have met! Her instructions are very clear, she is so thoughtful of the movements of each one of the students. She is gentle but very precise with the corrections. The sessions are a pleasure."

Patricia Ribeiro, tourism advisor 


"Hannah is a positive, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgable Pilates trainer with a thorough understanding of anatomy. I have been seeing her for over a year after a series of injuries and due to her, I am at a good fitness level. I greatly recommend Hannah to anyone who wants to feel energised and stronger after each lesson."

Brigitte Steinmetz, psychologist