Frequently asked questions and tech support


You can watch Holistic Body Online (HBO) on your phone, tablet or laptop. But for the best experience, we recommend connecting to your TV or laptop, so you can follow exercises in full screen and high definition.

Below we have set out a few different options that are easy to set up and should have you screen your HBO session on the big screen in no time.

But of course like with anything if you are having issues connecting please do get in touch and we'll try to figure out an option for you. 


1. You will need an HDMI cable to go from your laptop to the TV.

2. For an Apple laptop you will probably need an HDMI adapter, which one depends on your output options, most likely a thunderbolt/USB-C or Mini Display port. 

3. On your TV go the the HDMI channel to view, you'll need to use your laptop to browse the website still. The sound should connect through the TV automatically but this might need configuring on the Laptop audio output settings. 

4. If you have an Apple TV you should be able to use the AirPlay feature to mirror your screen to the Apple TV box. Alternatively if you have a very new TV you may be able to share directly to the TV without an Apple TV.  


1. Smart or AppleTV

HBO is not integrated into AppleTV but you can mirror your iPhone screen to your Apple TV or any Smart TV with Airplay. From your phone's video player control bar the screen button in the bottom right corner should help connect your phone to TV when both connected to the same Wifi. 

2. iPhone HDMI cable
You can mirror your iOS device to your TV using an 
iPhone HDMI cable (the cable must have lightning, USB and HDMI components). These are available from Amazon and other online retailers starting from £18 or you can use an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

3. USB cableThe latest smart TVs with USB ports and phones with USB should support mirroring with a cable. Try plugging your phone in with a USB cable.

4. Samsung SmartTV
If you have the Samsung Smartview app installed on your iPhone, you can use this to cast to your Samsung TV.

5. LG Smart TV (2019 or newer)
Mirror your screen using Airplay — 
read more.

7. Amazon Fire TV or FireTV Stick

  • Go to the “Settings” tab on your Firestick and move to “Display & Sounds” tab

  • In the “Display & Sounds” tab, scroll down to “Enable Display Mirroring”

  • Click on “Enable Display Mirroring” to make your Firestick ready to accept casting through other devices.



1. USB cable
The latest smart TVs with USB and phones with USB should support mirroring with a cable. So try plugging your phone in with a USB cable.

2. LG Smart TV (2019 or newer)
Mirror your screen using Airplay — 
read more

3. Samsung TV
Cast your Samsung phone to your Samsung TV or use the Smartview app — 
read more

4. Chromecast
Cast your phone screen from the Google Home app — 
read more

5. Roku
Casting to TV via Roku — 
read more

6. Amazon FireTV or FireTV Stick
Cast via your Amazon FireTV or FireTV Stick — 
read more